How can we reach our destination?
How can you firmly stand for your opinion and at the same time be compassionate and vulnerable?
In this workshop we will be guided by the systemic principles to find answers to these questions.

As humans we are made for connection. Due to our upbringing and events in our lives, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to live in connection and to have an open view of others and ourselves. We often protect ourselves from being hurt. Living life with courage and an open mind, with a soft heart, requires you to really get in touch with yourself. Gain insight into who you are, what is really important to you in life. Setting boundaries based on love for yourself and others.

We often set boundaries out of pain or from anger and irritation. That is what other feel. The communication becomes hard and sharp and we lose the connection. That causes loneliness and feelings of rejection. These often touch on our history, causing us to become stuck.
It may also be that we do not set boundaries out of fear of losing the other person. Then we adapt and ‘please’, allowing people to get over our boundaries. In this way we do not really show ourselves and true connection is complicated.


To be truly human and connected to ourselves, our environment and the world around us, asks from us to be who we are. Then we have the courage to stand for what we consider important, even if we are alone, and we have an open heart to be touched by others.

In this workshop of 3 meetings we will look how we can reach our destination and how we can live with courage and vulnerability. This is not something you learn in a few days. It is a process of awareness, a realization that takes time to grow. This workshop enables you to get started with it or to grow and deepen this process

For whom?
For everyone who has the desire to live in freedom, without fear of the expectations of others. To live without a mask and be who you deeply are. For everyone who wants to live life from authenticity and transparency and meet others. Without feeling the need to make yourself bigger or smaller. An encounter with an open heart and an open mind in which you can stand firm and be vulnerable at the same time.

The topics will be discussed in an interactive way. Theory and practice will be combined and we will work on the connection between head and heart.

We will work on the following topics in 3 meetings:

  • Living in freedom, what does that look like for you?
  • What hinders you in living in freedom, with courage and vulnerability?

Then we will work on the systemic principles and how you relate to them

  • Balance_ Me and the other, setting healthy boundaries
  • Belonging_What is your place in the system?
  • Order_Where is your place in the system?

We connect the systemic principles to your personal values, making courageous choices and what you need to be able to make these choices



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