Finding and maintaining a healthy balance between work and your private life is often a challenge. A lot is asked of you, sometimes too much. You notice that you are easily irritated. That you have less patience with colleagues, your partner or your children. You have less energy and dread things. You want to do it differently, but you can’t. Then it may be time to pause and make conscious choices. Choices that give you focus again and more energy and meaning in life and in your work. In this workshop we connect the search for balance with the different principles of systemic work.
The balance doesn’t just disappear. It often happens gradually, for example due to changes in your work situation or in your private situation, such as expanding your family, informal care or another important event in your life. You only notice it when you drop out at work or when you are still working but notice that your energy level is going down.

Areas of life

Your life takes place in different areas of life.
Some are mainly work related, other areas mainly affect your private life or some are a combination of both. Each of these areas of life is important to you and you shape it based on obligations, wishes and needs. You give and receive.

There may come a time when the balance between the areas of life is distorted. This could be in a specific area of life, for example in your work, or that there is an imbalance between the areas of life, for example if your private situation demands a lot from you, which can make you less available at work. The imbalance that then arises takes a toll on who you are and want to be as a person. You lose sight of what is really important to you and which choices contribute to a life that suits you.

In this workshop the systemic principles will guide us to discover why it is sometimes not possible to shape your life the way you want it, what really matters to you in life, which values are important to you. We look ahead to what you need to restore your balance and what choices come with it. So that you can have a relaxed approach to life again without having the feeling that you ‘have to’ do everything.

For whom?

For anyone who notices a lack of balance between work and private life or that you willl end up in this situation when you stay where you are. You have dropped out at work or you feel that you are running out of energy and want to avoid dropping out. You want to get started with this and take an honest look at yourself in all areas of life. You want to think about what is really important for you and you are willing to make choices that are good for you.

In this workshop we will dig deep, looking beyond what we see. What is the basis for your actions, where does it come from? We will work with the systemic principles that provide an insight into patterns and beliefs. In addition, we offer a number of practical tools that you can apply immediately. The topics will be presented in an interactive way in which theory and practice are combined.

In 4 sessions, we will work on the following topics:
  • Recognizing imbalance
  • Gain insight into sources that cause stress and give energy
  • Zoom in on your personal situation ‘What are you facing?

Then we will work on the systemic principles and how you relate to them

  • Balance_Hoe does the balance of giving and receiving look like for you? Me and the Other
  • Belonging_What is your place in the system?
  • Order_Where is your place the system?

We connect the systemic principles with the areas of life, personal values and what you need to do things differently



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