In addition to individual sessions, Systemisch Gezien offers various workshops. These workshops will give you the opportunity to work on a personal topic in interaction with other participants. The systemic ideas will be the guiding principle for all meetings.
In a number of meetings we will work on a specific topic in an interactive way in which theory, practical tools and the integration of head and heart are combined. Sometimes assignments will be given so that you can work on it at home. In a short time you will work on a topic that is important to you and in which you can share and learn with others.

Topics of workshops

Our workshops focus on two topics:

  • Balance in Work and Life
    How can your have a good balance in work and/or private life?
    You may have dropped out and are thinking how to combine work and private life in the future. Or you feel that you have reached a limit and you want to look for a healthy balance in your life
  • True to yourself
    People are made for connection. However, due to all kinds of events in life, it can be difficult to live in connection and show your vulnerability. Then it is easier to hide behind our shield and avoid getting hurt. How can you stand firm and stay in touch with your environment so that real connection is possible and you reach your destination.

Depending on the subject, the topic will be explored in a number of 3-4 hour meetings.
The group size varies from 5 -10 people

Click here for more information about ‘Balance in work and life’
Click here for more information about ‘True to yourself´

Tailormade workshops

At your request we offer tailor made workshops or we can organize meetings for your team, organisation or church. 
We will discuss which items will be suitable for your target group and together we will define the content and presentation. Feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunities

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