Our experience as a consultant, coach and manager in various organisations can also contribute to your organisation.
You can think of:

  • Team Coaching
    Building strong and agile teams through team coaching
  • Safe Teams
    Working on safety and trust in teams
  • Working with DISC
    Team or individual profiles for insight and better collaboration
  • Self-organisation
    Getting started with Focus and Ownership
  • Coaching of management and employees
    Who are you, what do you want, how do you get there

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‘Vulnerability is not winning or losing.
It’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.’

Brene Brown 
The power of vulnerability TED Talk by Brene Brown

Team Coaching

Safe teams with an open culture and transparent communication do not happen automatically.
It’s about trust and safety, the openness to dare to give your opinion. That everyone feels heard and receives recognition, that you naturally compliment each other and share things that make you unhappy. Teams often need an outside view to grow and develop greater ownership. Team coaching is a way to get started with this.

Team coaching consists of several phases: listening, research and action plan.


1. Listening

  • What’s going on?
  • What are important values in the team?
  • What behavior is desirable and undesirable?
  • Where is the team heading?
  • What has already been done?

2. Analysis

  • How are team, management and organisation related to one another?
  • What is the position of the team members?
  • What does the balance of giving and receiving look like?
  • What dynamics are at play?
  • What should not be said but has great influence?

3. Action Plan

  • Clear tasks and responsibilities
  • Relationship with management
  • Content of work activities
  • Cooperation in the team
  • Giving feedback

Safe teams

How do you get teams in which every team member feels seen and heard?
How do you get a safe and open working culture in which employees (dare to) address each other and people experience a shared responsibility for the team atmosphere?
Due to her experience as a supervisor of group processes and giving workshops on this topic, Sjenet is an experienced advisor who will work with you to build a safe and pleasant working environment.

Safe teams are about Culture and Structure.
Clear guidelines, formal documents such as a code of conduct and an address where employees can go if they experience unsafe conditions are the basis of safe teams

The Culture side then requires focused attention and interventions in order to achieve a safe working environment for every employee. This means, among other things, that managers are able and feel safe enough to have the right conversation and know which intervention is needed at what time. Systemisch Gezien assists organisations and managers in this by giving advice, workshops and/or coaching.

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Team Development with DISC

How do you build teams in which openness, safety and trust are self-evident? Together with you and your team we build an open and safe culture. We use, among other things, DISC Assessments to gain insight into everyone’s personality style and the implications for team cooperation, communication and dealing with conflicts. In addition, DISC provides a tool to see everyone’s strengths. We prefer to work with DISC with people finding their position in a room, which provides an extra learning experience.


‘Sjenet quickly managed to gain the trust of all employees, so that within a short time she was able to discuss complicated issues that had been neglected for some time. She then shared some useful ideas to arrive at real solutions.’

Teun Copier, director Stichting Kerkelijk Geldbeheer 



  • DISC an introduction
  • What does your DISC profile say
  • Team profile and implications
  • Better cooperation with DISC


  • DISC in 30 minutes
  • What does your DISC profile say
  • How to use DISC in your team
  • DISC to improve your management team


  • How to recognize unsafe situations
  • How to determine the right intervention
  • Tools for communication
  • How to avoid unsafety in teams


  • Scope and content of the meeting
  • Combination of Teambuilding and content
  • Interactive
  • Important issues on the table
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