A family constellation reveals what is going on at a deeper level. This can look very different from what you see in your  everyday life.
A family constellation has a different approach than most therapies or models.
You can do a family constellation  in a 1 on 1 setting in personal coaching in which we work with floor anchors, wooden figures or in another way. You can also do a constellation in a group during a workshop. A family constellation is about experiencing and accepting what presents itself. The invitation is to leave the analysis behind so that a constellation can work on a deeper level.

For whom?
For anyone who is facing some issues or has the feeling that life is not going smoothly.

Often the origin of returning patterns is at a deeper level. In your own history and the history of your family system.

Bringing in a question
The question that you bring in, is the material we will work with. The question can relate to all aspects of life, such as relationships, work, returning patterns etc. Each constellation is different, even though the questions may be similar.

Examples of questions that people bring in are:
* I’m always taking care of others and don’t take care of myself.
* I find it difficult to make choices
* I have a difficult relationship with my parents
* I often feel insecure
* I feel bad about my feelings
* It is hard for me to make my point during a meeting at work

In addition to the person who brings in a question, there are representatives involved in a family constellation. We do not work with their question, but you are often asked as a representative because the issue is related to the representative’s own issues in life

Representatives always represent an aspect of the client that wants to be shown at that moment.

If you do not actively participate in the constellation as a representative, it is still possible that something affects you because it touches on an issue that is part of your life at that moment.


A constellation starts with a short interview between the trainer and the person bringing in a question.
After that the trainer determines which people from the (family) system will be worked with.
When working with a group, representatives are asked from the group of participants. The representatives each represent an aspect of the person for whom they stand. For example the client, mother, father, grandmother, etc. The representatives are asked to take up a place in the room by following their inner movement, not by thinking about where they ‘should’ stay. The client watches the constellation.

The representatives pass on information about the (family) system of the person who brings in the question.
This information is expressed in physical and emotional feelings of the representatives or their intuition. The way in which the representatives are positioned in relation to each other and the information they share are used by the trainer to reveal the dynamics of the family system.
It’s nice when a connecting movement starts. That’s not always possible. The most important aspect is that the client can be with the situation revealed by the constellation
Accepting reality as it shows itself on a deeper level, without drama or the desire to make it more beautiful, has a healing effect

More Reading
* The fountain, find your place by Els van Steijn



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