Are you dealing with things that just don’t change?
Do you want to be able to make choices more easily?
Are you experiencing a demanding period in your life?
Give yourself time and space to pause and look deeper so that you can develop and grow as a person.

Making autonomous choices and living freely, regardless of what others think of you, is not that simple. Loyalty, wanting to meet the expectations of others, can hinder us. A coaching program can help you in developing as a person who is able to live with an open heart and make personal choices.

‘It is never too late to be what you might have been‘

George Eliot

Personal Coaching

In personal coaching we work with you personally and look at your current situation. Depending on the question and the situation, we investigate the patterns you have developed over the course of your life and look at their origin. We look at what suits you and use different coaching models and different types of exercises that appeal to both mind and body. Coaching helps you to gain more insight into what is going on and how you deal with it.

More insight is one thing but it does not always make it possible to do things differently.
What patterns are at the bottom your behavior?
In which situations do you show what kind of behaviour?
We listen to what is said and what is not said.
We also provide practical tools or assignments that you can do yourself.

Systemic Coaching

One of the coaching models we use is systemic coaching.
Every person is part of a system, starting with the family system. Our family system unconsciously has a lot of influence on the way we approach life and how we relate to others.
We use our knowledge and experience with family constellations to gain insight into your place within your family system and to reveal dynamics and patterns.
Everything that presents itself can be there and we don’t have to judge it.
Facing reality, no matter how painful it might be, is healing.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership, what is it exactly and how can you be such a leader?
This is about topics such as:
How do you, as a leader, really connect with people?
How do you lead and at the same time stay true to yourself?
The latter is what it’s all about.
Authentic leaders stay close to themselves and act in accordance with who they are. They know what they stand for, what values and beliefs are at the bottom of their actions. Being authentic means knowing who you are. Otherwise you run the risk that your self-image is determined by the outside world and you act according to other’s expectations. That takes a lot of energy and is a recipe for burnout.

Join us in finding the leadership style that suits you:

  • You will know your strengths and your limitations
  • You are not afraid of your own vulnerability
  • You know your personal values
  • You have an honest and equal relationship with the other

Approach and Rates

Systemisch Gezien works with both private individuals and employees who register through their employer.


  • Intake to clarify the question and see if we click
  • Determine the goal of the coaching
  • Evaluation after a number of coaching sessions
  • Final coaching session in which we look back at the development over the past period and where you are now

Coaching while walking in the fresh air is an option


  • Private individuals 95 euros an hour VAT included
  • Self-employed professionals 95 euros an hour VAT excluded
  • Separate rates apply for Coaching via the employer or Executive Coaching. Please contact us for this

Coachings sessions last 1,5 hours which enable us to have enough time for a deep dive into the matter

Services of Systemisch Gezien will not be reimbursed by a health insurance company

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