At Systemisch Gezien we have an integral vision on what it means to be human.
The integration of head and heart is a guiding principle here.
If we separate the two, we become walking heads, which leaves little or no room for real connection with ourselves and the people around us.
Sjenet van der Plas, systemic coach and advisor, is the founder and owner of Systemisch Gezien. She works together with fellow professionals in the field such as psychologists, coaches and advisors.

‘Big words flatter the ego. Small steps lead to change’

Patrick Mundus

About Sjenet

Sjenet has followed various coaching courses, including at the Institute for Systemic Work and the Hellinger Institute. Her approach as a coach is characterized by the ability to really listen and be close without a need to solve the issues. She combines this with an analytical view and an empathetic attitude.

From her experience as a working mother and wife, Sjenet knows the challenge of trying to do everything at once.

As a pastor’s daughter, she knows what it is like to not really be rooted somewhere and to have the feeling that you are looked at differently.

The realization that she meets the gifted people profile has put many pieces of the puzzle into place.

The discovery of her high sensitivity provided useful insights

Based on her experience as a teacher in education, manager and advisor in healthcare and business services, Sjenet has already coached and guided many people and teams and she knows what is going on in the workplace.
As a systemic coach, she is available for personal coaching, family constellations, workshops and team development

In her spare time, Sjenet likes to be in the countryside, plays the piano, is happy with some nice thrift store finds, volunteers at Schuldhulpmaatje and is active in her church.


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