Are you constantly facing the same issues?
Is it hard for you to say ‘no’?
Are you looking for a better balance in your life and work?
At Systemisch Gezien we look at your situation and what can help.

Sometimes it is very clear and you know exactly what is going on and how it happened. It may also be that something has developed gradually or that there is something that has been bothering you for a while.
You can continue dealing with something for a long time, but then there comes a time when it no longer works and it starts to hinder you. This can become clear, for example, in physical complaints such as fatigue, inability to relax or a second burnout. You may also notice that your mental resilience is running out, that you increasingly dread doing things that you used to do easily. It can be nice to share this with someone and discuss together what can help you. Below you can read more about the services of Systemisch Gezien




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Team Coaching
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About Systemisch Gezien

Systemisch Gezien is founded Sjenet van der Plas, systemic coach and consultant
Based on our vision that mind and body are a unity, at Systemisch Gezien we work on the connection between head and heart. We do this through conversations and exercises that help you get out of your head and learn to feel.
If you are not used to listening to your body and consciously considering it, it can be a bit scary if you do. Especially if you can talk well and do a lot with your head, a conversation feels familiar and safe. However, this can hinder you from moving forward. In a safe environment we work on the integration between head and heart to become a whole person.

You can contact Systemisch Gezien when you would like to work on

  • Recurring patterns
    Awareness and change
  • Dealing with change
    A view on perspective in new situations
  • Healthy boundaries
    Becoming better at saying ‘no’
  • Balance in your work and your life
    Making choices and setting priorities
  • Moving on
    Moving on after loss in your work or private life
  • Becoming whole
    Living with courage and vulnerability


Our services for organisations focus on:

  • Team Development
    Building strong and flexible teams
  • DISC
    Team or individual profiles
  • Coaching of management and employees
    Who are you, what do you want, how do you get there
  • Safe Teams
    Safety and trust in teams
  • Self-organisation
    Focus and Ownership

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We live our lives in systems such as our family, work, circle of friends and social connections. Many of our unconscious beliefs, behaviors and patterns have their origins in the family or family system in which we grew up. We have unconsciously taken with us all kinds of patterns and beliefs from our family of origin, often out of loyalty.

You may encounter these patterns again in your current life in new systems, for example in your relationship or your work. Then you may encounter issues that appear to have their origins in your own history. Systemic Work helps you make these unconscious patterns visible again. This can be done through personal coaching in which we work with floor anchors and wooden figures and by working in a group through a Family Constellation.

To Family Constellations

Systemic Principles

Systemic Work has a few basic principles:

  • Belonging_There is a place for everyone in the system
  • Order_Everyone has his own place in the system
  • Balance of Giving and Receiving_There is a balance between giving and receiving

When these principles ares met, life will ‘flow’ and you will experience peace and quiet.

Because of our history and our upbringing by our parents, each with their own history, there is often an imbalance in one or more principles.
For example, it may be that you:

        • Take on too much responsibility
        • Experience difficulties in standing up for yourself and your own opinion
        • Give more than you receive
        • Think too much of yourself

A family constellation can reveal how these patterns work in the family system. This allows things to be seen and recognized so that there will become room for something new. Acknowledgement of that what is, without us giving our opinions, is a key concept of Systemic Work.

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